So what makes us a cut above the rest you ask? Here’s just a few reasons:


Missing deadlines is one of the things we’ll ensure DOES NOT happen. As a business owner, it is hard enough dealing with the day-to-day running of your business. With such a hectic work schedule, it’s very easy to miss the various deadlines set by HMRC and Companies House. This can cost you anywhere between hundreds to thousands of pounds. That’s not going to happen….not on our watch!

Although it is possible to learn bookkeeping without any formal education, we decided to go the extra mile by not only gaining our qualification but also becoming a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Not only does this professional body subject its bookkeepers to rigorous examinations but they continue to monitor our skills set through continuous professional development (CPD) requirements. We are also DBS (disclosure and barring service) checked and adhere to strict money laundering regulations.



If you are a VAT registered company, we can assist you in submitting your VAT returns which means you can potentially reclaim the VAT charged on your purchases! If you’re not VAT registered, don’t worry….keep reading and you’ll find that there are other perks available to you as well. 


We can either visit your location a few times a week to get your books in order or we can arrange for your paperwork to be sent to us electronically and processed securely. We work in London, Wellingborough, Kettering, Northampton and Milton Keynes. We will accommodate whatever system that suits you best. We also use up-to-date technology to ensure that the job is done to a high standard while minimising errors and ensuring speedy turnaround times. We currently use Zoho Books, Sage, Xero, FreeAgent and Taxfiler. Also, we can accommodate the use of other software packages such as FreeAgent and Quickbooks.


That’s right. We offer discounts for the following:

If you are a new client

When you refer someone who becomes a paying client, you qualify for a future discount on any one of our service

Loyal customers of 3 years are rewarded with 20% discount on all services for a year.

Now isn’t that lovely?


Again, we go the extra mile. We are constantly interacting with other businesses, professionals and banking institutions. As part of this network, you have the potential to not only add value to your business but you may also gain unique access to useful market information or business to business offers. 

Pretty useful, right? Don’t believe us? Click through to the link below and see for yourself

Looking for a “no annual fee” business bank account?

We offer this access alongside our insightful reports about the performance of your company. This will give a thorough and complete break down of all areas of your business and what factors may be affecting your profits or your shareholders’ return on investment.

Try us today!


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